Prices & Rates

Variable Price Design Services

Professional design services and consultations are available on a per hour/day basis. For on-site visits, travel time within a 3 mile radius of our office will be complimentary. Anything outside of a 3 mile radius will be billed at an hourly rate and will be coordinated on a case by case basis.

Hourly Rate: $200 for the first hour; $150 every hour thereafter (rates may vary by contract, project or arrangement). For longer term projects, please contact us directly to discuss discounted pricing options.

Rates for Specialty Services: Please call us, email us or complete our quote questionnaire to obtain rates for the below specialty services:

  • Personal Shopping Services
  • Architectural Changes & Advisory Services

eDesign Answers On Demand: Please complete our quote questionnaire to obtain a price estimate for your specific question.

  • The average price estimate to review your information and provide a verbal response is between $50 and $75 for issues that can be resolved and communicated in under an hour.
  • For more complex questions that require additional research and/or the development of materials, the price will be higher.

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Fixed Price Design Services

In addition to hourly services and rates, Gail Green Interiors offers select fixed price options. This includes:

Half or Full Day In-Person Consultations/Visits: $400 – Half; $800 – Full (showrooms visits, shopping)

eDesign Packages and Assessments: Additional fixed price service offerings that guarantee that a personal designer will review the information that you provide and offer specific and customized suggestions based on your preferences and the current state of your space. Click here to learn more, or click here to head to our eDesign portal, which will guide you through the process of customizing and purchasing a design option.

For a limited time only, the following eDesign packages (Spruce Up, Rejuvenate, Sophisticate) and floor plan add-ons are discounted at an additional 20% off the listed price. To take advantage of this offer, enter the code “GGIEDESIGN” on the Fixed Priced Questionnaire.

Spruce Up Design Package

S $1,000 M $1,125
L $1,400 XL $1,800

  • Color
  • Furniture
  • Fabric

(Add-On option available for Floor Plan/Furniture Placement: $375)

Rejuvenate Design Package

S $1,180 M $1,400
L $1,800 XL $2,125

  • Color
  • Furniture
  • Fabric
  • Choice of 2: (Window Treatments, Flooring, Lighting, Accessories, Art)

(Add-On option available for Floor Plan/Furniture Placement: $375)

Sophisticate Design Package

S $1,500 M $1,800
L $2,125 XL $2,400

  • Color
  • Furniture
  • Fabric
  • Window Treatments
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Accessories
  • Art

(Add-On option available for Floor Plan/Furniture Placement: $375)

Professional Assessment

Flat-rate of $225 for review and verbal response

(Add-On option available to include documented response in a GGI eDesign™ Booklet: $75)