Tricks of the Trade: the Half Wall

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A most effective space enlarger is the HALF-WALL. While it conveniently defines a space, it simultaneously creates a light airy feeling through its openness. It is a wall that rises up, but not all the way. This typical sheet rock partition, though firmly rooted, seemingly floats in space, giving a sculptural feel to the room. It may be curved, straight, tall, short; in fact, any number of configurations in any number of materials may be effectively used here. Oftentimes, this type of bridge consists of a piece of cabinetry built up three quarters way to the ceiling to visually separate two areas. Not a full wall, it gives a modern feel to space and is an extraordinarily successful treatment in apartments or lofts, where a more open, airy feeling is desired. So, to maintain the open, airy-like feel of a room, while maintaining definition of space, create a HALF-WALL – out of cabinetry, sheetrock, glass block, metal or furniture.