Tricks of the Trade: Organize

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Want to maintain a clearly focused life, staying organized at home helps!  Set and maintain clear organizational boundaries.  The less confusion and mess, the better.

Being organized, enhanced by a clean, clear structured environment helps one maintain a clear focus and goals, for better compatibility. As Amelia Meena, an organization expert notes, “an individual should structure ones organizational habits to comfortably coexist with their lifestyle and habits.   By implementing an efficient filing system for both paper and computer files and keeping current with bills, notices and transactions, organization will help maintain clarity.  Take time to remove clutter by identifying material items that take up space.  With lots of documents to consider, it is best to maintain separate files for each category, with a clear division of priorities.

In addition, once children come into the picture, there are even more people, more schedules and more stuff to keep organized.  Designate the priorities you’ll handle in your relationship (finances, meals, grocery shopping, social planning, etc.).  Make a weekly ‘to do list’ to keep you on track; create a calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts; be sure to consider your priorities  and, most importantly, remember to be flexible.  As your life  evolves and changes, so will your list of priorities.  As long as you’re organized, you’ll be better prepared to handle the complexities of life.”