Tricks of the Trade: Flow

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Great design involves knowing about the spacial relationships between a home’s different rooms. FLOW is successful when the interior rooms move smoothly between each other. The living room flows into the dining room, the dining room into the kitchen, and so on.

A good architect / designer knows how to carve a space so that the plan flows and “good energies” are evoked.  Floor plans have more to do with how a space “feels,” rather than how it looks. When walking through rooms with good flow, one gets a good “feeling.”  Like the bespoke suit that seems perfectly poised upon the body,  well-composed plans achieve the same effect: they feel natural, as though they have always existed in time, with a sense of history preserved.

How to parlay this well designed plan into action is for the professional.  This is a most difficult task because unless the end-user can physically traverse the space, they oftentimes don’t understand what it will “feel” like.   They need to grasp the ‘Flow.”