Tricks of the Trade: De-clutter

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Great design means creating an overall look and feel that is both aesthetic and functional.   Having a clean, clear space makes for a better composition, emphasizing the strong aspects of the home. This means is no clutter!

Start with the basics, keeping only the essentials.  With so much going on in one’s life, it is best to remove as many unnecessary objects as possible.  A clean space helps one have a clear mind.  Too many accessories confuses the eye; they are distractions that water down the overall effect of a space.  Instead, go for a few special items, the “stars” of the composition.

A decorative accent piece or two to make your room more interesting is preferable, but more than that, it becomes clutter, including too many family pictures.  Neat, clean, clear, and cheerful – that’s the idea.  Here, “less is more.”