Tricks of the Trade: Carpeting

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To make a space look larger and more balanced, lay wall-to-wall carpeting down throughout the room.  If there is an adjoining space, like a closet or dressing room, the area will appear even bigger if the carpeting is extended into those areas, as well.   Think the wall-to-wall look too boring?  Do as the Europeans do – place an area rug upon the wall-to-wall carpet.  This look achieves distinguishing the highlighted area, while maintaining an even, smooth look all around.  Here, the softness of the floor is maintained along with a definition of space.  It is a most elegant look.   By itself, wall-to-wall carpeting opens up the breadth of a room, widening its boundaries and creating the illusion of infinity.  In a small room, this type of carpeting is highly beneficial in that it opens up and enlarges a space.  best kind of carpeting to use, in these instances,  is a cut and knot style carpet.  As opposed to plush solid cut carpeting that reflects all footprints, a cut and knot is flatter and  thus less impressionable.  It also reflects the light in an interesting way, giving a tone on tone effect.  Very chic, very cool – wall-to-wall  cleans up a lot of unnecessary fuss on the floor.