The Phantasmagoria of Marlene Mocquet: Sublime And Sinister

The Phantasmagoria of Marlene Mocquet: Sublime And Sinister

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Written for Art, Antiques and Design (By Gail Green)

At first glance the images in Marlene Mocquet’s paintings appear whimsical and witty. There are all sorts of chimerical figures: it is a fantastical world of animated and anthropomorphic creatures. In what looks like Hieronymus Bosch meets Max Ernst, Ms. Moquet’s paintings reveal, upon closer inspection, an underlying sinister world. Look within and you see all kinds of kinky activities and eschatological probabilities!

Here, darts and dashes of bright color belie the darker shades of a macabre, menacing world. Mocqut’s invitation into her two-sided world is analogous to an “Alice in Wonderland” experience, as the artist draws you into her fantastical cosmos. Dislocated heads, fire spewing gremlins, darting trees, and personified animals inhabit her other-worldly realm.

The ironic juxtaposition of light and dark, sublime and sinister, sacred and profane add to her work’s allure; they draw us in, while engaging the observer in some mental and visual delight.


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