The Guest Room: A Study in the Subtlety of Graciousness

The Guest Room: A Study in the Subtlety of Graciousness

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Written for Art, Antiques and Design (By Gail Green)

Not all guests are of the inviting kind. As a friend of mine recently remarked with the arrival of several weekenders to his home, “guests are not always gracious.” Upon entering his home, they exclaimed, “This looks like a doctor’s office.” Perhaps their gut feeling was a bit too enthusiastically expressed! And, not very tactful. Clearly these guests need to be banished from the well of gracious invitations. However, for those less audaciously articulate, there is the Guest Room – warm, inviting, and user friendly.

What belies the charm of the Den / Guest Room is its bevy of amenities with respect to the comfort of its inhabitants. Its multi-functionality offers the visitor not only a bedroom, but also a den, a library, a media room, an office. Therefore, the gracious, or not so gracious, guest can enjoy a multitude of activities within a single designated area.

As a media center, the guest room houses state of the art audio-visual equipment Hidden speakers couched within corniced walls, flat-screen televisions recessed into thin niches, projector screens within the ceiling or wall structure, CD units concealed by flip-down cabinetry. Also present are plush, over the top luxury seating units, all making the viewing experience all the more authentic.

The guest room, functioning as an office, provides the visitor with phone, computer, scanner, or whatever fast speed equipment one needs with which to connect. Of course, there is the accommodating desk and chair, making the work area that much more comfortable.

In terms of it being a library, the guest room can house built-in bookcases, artfully poised reading lights, clubby like furniture, and an ambiance conducive to study, reading, and writing. A perfect cozy and luxe reading chair is nestled into a corner or up to a desk. Along side the chair and desk is an ottoman, angled reading lamp, and side table, making for a great reading experience. Stacks of books and magazines piled on the coffee table provide for more casual reading and make the visitor feel like a welcomed guest.

Taking the comfort level one step further is the built in refrigerator and tray table, just in case your guest feels like staying in for dinner and a movie. And, for even further comfort is the soft couch perfect for relining in during the day and folding out and sleeping in during the night. Whether small or large, the right sofa and cushy pillows make the guest feel right at home.

Along with the guest room is the guest bath. Here, one can add a bit of wit and whimsy. Almost any kind of motif, including that of the library, can be created here. Wonderful bathroom accessories highlight the stone countertop. TV’s hide in the medicine cabinet visible from the steam shower. Egyptian cottons towels line the walls and ointments and perfumes add sensuous scents.

For guests of the inviting kind, the Guest Room is a refuge from the chores and vicissitudes of everyday life. It a a sanctuary, a home away from home. Indeed, it is a study in the subtlety of gracious living.


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