Creating Designs That Blend With Your Lifestyle

Creating Designs That Blend With Your Lifestyle

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“Eye on Design” Archive from Mann Report (Article By Gail Green)


David Estreich, Gail Green, and Brian Blackburn, the principals of Eastland Kitchen and Bath Design, have been collaborating on innovative, beautiful, and trendsetting kitchens and baths for more than 25 years. Having completed hundreds of projects, they have a unique command of the ever-changing landscape of resources, products and materials that are available today. They are your one-stop source for unique and diverse solutions appropriate to any design sensibility-from purely traditional to state-of-the-art modern, and everywhere in between.

There are several advantages to working with a design firm rather than a retail kitchen and bath showroom. Because they have no allegiance to any one manufacturer or product line, they are free to choose from the entire array of products available to create the perfect solution for any space or budget. Design fees are not hidden in the cost of the product, they pass along the professional discount to you and charge a reasonable design fee that covers all services required to realize the perfect kitchen or bath-from inception to completion.

Their designs for Designer Showhouses over a number of years successfully set new trends in the industry. Their work is featured in Architectural Digest, The New York Times, Gourmet, Interior Design, and many other publications. Listening carefully to their clients’ needs, they create designs that blend seamlessly with homeowners’ tastes and lifestyles. They are also respectful of their clients’ financial resources and can create beautiful work on sometimes-limited budgets.

Their unique perspective on designing kitchens and baths evolves from their intelligent approach to creating these spaces. For them, the modern bath, which is the evolution of technological advances in the plumbing and tile industry, has now become a multi-purpose space. A place to shower, bathe, read, watch television or a DVD movie, apply one’s make-up, listen to music, and perform a multitude of other tasks performed, they design the bath as a virtual Diogenes-like room. Here, it is more the European spa in look and finish selection. Stainless steel, bronze, and nickel are among the metal finishes they use regularly. Slate, rumbled marble, and concrete are just a few of the innovative types of tiles used in their design palette.

In addition, Eastland’s creative approach to designing kitchens revolves around the idea of the interdisciplinary cooking space. With the smart homeowner now seeking quality investments that will assure him a valuable return, they renovate kitchens as the primary vehicle in which such inflows of money can be reassured a good bet. It is not the number of cabinets in the kitchen that are important, they believe, but rather the layout that defines the effective modern kitchen, large or small. Great design, quality over quantity, is what they believe dictates the most functional use of space with style and sense in a married partner­ ship. Fundamental to their philosophy is the notion that a great master plan is key to good kitchen design. The layout must make sense and flow. Call it feng shui, if you will, the important element in great kitchen design is the successful interactions of spaces. In addition, Eastland’s modern kitchen is now no longer the providence of a mere cooking/preparation center. It encompasses many functional areas: the formal kitchen, the prep center, the wine storage, and one or more eating areas (at the kitchen counter with stools and/or a separate table and or banquette, desk area, media center, reading area).

Eastland’s client is the smart consumer, whether it is another designer or developer. Whatever your needs, this Kitchen and Bath Design team creates unique, customized solutions.

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