The Art of Change: At Home and Through Divorce

The Art of Change: At Home and Through Divorce

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Written for Resource Furniture (By Gail Green)

For the divorcee, change is the norm and flexibility is a necessity. Success is measured by how well one can transition from a steadied life of structure to a less regulated life of innovation and individual enlightenment. In this respect, the home becomes an ironic confluence of adaptability to life’s ever-changing states of being.

So how is change made into a positive influence at home? Easy. We create cheerful and flexible situations that can accommodate all types of living styles. One simple method of accomplishing an immediate alteration is through paint. For instance, using a light-reflecting bright white instead of a light-absorbing dull cream color on the walls will change the spirit of a room. It will make a space feel light and airy.

Another helpful idea to enhance your home is to use more ambient lighting. For example, sconces that emit a wide net of light, will help expand space rather than enclose and darken it. Plus, sconces act as space-saving devices by not taking up any floor footage. Thus, the light will be up, down, and all around. Tube lights (as seen in the above photo) serve a similar function to sconces and take up very little space while giving off lots of light as well.

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