Tricks of the Trade: Furniture Style

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Purchase furnishings that reflect your new life – in a style that reflects who you are and want to be.

If you prefer a cleaner modern look, make it more minimal and geometric in tones of gray, white, and black.  Natural stone is generally present with lots of granite and Corian prevailing. Mirrors are more architectural and recessive. Leather is a common material as are more constructed solid colored fabrics. In addition, there is lots of built-in cabinetry.  Woods veer towards the darker side. These veneers tend to be more masculine, albeit many women prefer this sparer cleaner look, as well.  It tends towards an urban feel.  This is because the uncluttered look is good for city dwellings where space, which is at a premium, needs to evoke a light, airy feel.

Alternatively, if your style veers towards the traditional, the furniture tends to be more curvy with softer edges.   It is a cushier feel, more plush, more ornate, more decorated.  Here, colors of greens, yellows, and beiges dominate.  There are many more decorative elements, such as wallpaper and traditional mouldings.  Walls are sometimes padded.  Floral or landscape patterns prevail as opposed to the geometric.  Woods predominate, especially in the lighter tones.  And, mirrors are decorative.  There are more pieces of furniture, less built-ins.