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“Eye on Design” Archive from Mann Report (Article By Gail Green)


With the advent of this new year, the Spector Group finds itself embarking on new territory – the HOME. While the architecture firm has designed and built houses for clients in the past, it is now turning its sights inside, to residential interiors. This marks a milestone for the successful architecture firm that can now rightfully call itself a full service design atelier providing architecture, design and decoration.

The Spector Group’s legacy spans forty years, embracing the corporate, educational, government, institutional, hospitality and healthcare sectors. At the head of the firm is Michael Harris Spector. It is Mr. Spector’s dynamic vision, which led to the firm’s success. His two sons, Marc and Scott continue in that tradition by broadening that vision into different areas. Under the aegis of Marc Spector, Spector Group Home welcomes the challenge of creating unified, coherent architecture, where the exteriors blend seamlessly into the interiors. Here, all aspects of the design faculty merge to create the perfect house into whatever style or venue the client’s needs and desires lead them.

At the base of the Spector’s success is their prevailing philosophy of integrated relationships inspiring good design. This foundation makes certain the creation of innovative and productive environments that are both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. It is in their commitment to establishing beneficial relationships that they meet their client’s wishes, listening carefully to their concerns, fulfilling their dreams. To this end, they remain and continue to flourish.

The initial Spector years began with a wide array of projects which include buildings, offices and office interiors. In addition to working in New York, where their flagship offices are located (New York City and Long Island), the SG practice and have satellite offices in London, China, New Jersey and Florida. Some of their recent projects include offices

for the advertising, insurance, computer, investment banking and legal fields. They have also designed banks, courthouses, fire stations and schools among many other types of buildings. The Spector Group’s most recent segue is into the field of decoration, where they have affiliated with the interior designer Gail Green to initiate that discipline in the residential sector. By merging with another professional, the SG has shown themselves to be not only more appealing to the home market, by offering a full service package, but they have also illustrated their keen interest in maintaining a house’s integrity by blending inside and out.



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