Tricks of the Trade: Destination Points

Tricks of the Trade: Destination Points

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houseWhat are destination points? They are location areas upon which the eye naturally falls. Spatial circumstances naturally form these focal points and, as such, create strong visual draws. For instance, when you open your front door what to you see? Is it an amorphous room with the eye focusing on the nondescript windows beyond? Or, is it some interesting object or niche or wall upon which the eye can delight.


One can actually alter these natural resting areas by creating your own focal point and diverting the natural course of events. This is a type of magic that the designer / architect performs and is accomplished by simply changing what is before us. So, if you want to open your bathroom door and not see, what is usually there, the toilet, change the plumbing and place the sink there instead. If you can’t make any structural changes, place a great piece of art or object d’art above the water closet, diverting the eye. This will accomplish the magic, unless the toilet is a wonderful object, like Kohler’s hat toilet, which is a great piece of art unto itself!


What about opening the door and seeing nothing special? Create an entry foyer! Or, simply make the area upon which the eye falls something of interest. Perhaps, the wall in front of you needs some special treatment, like a different color. It can even be accomplished with the placement of a beautiful piece of furniture with a mirror above. In addition, as doors usually open into formless open spaces with windows directly ahead, drapery treatments become the focal point. However, making them interesting something to “look at will change it all, flipping out boring and dull for attractive and bold.


And the kitchen? Here, the backsplash is the area in which to concentrate. This area can make or break the kitchen, so make sure it becomes a strong destination point!


“Abby’s Footnotes”


Destination points are always a thrill to create.They are the equivalent to creating a stage in a play. “What will your guests see first when you open the curtains?” Play with different ideas in a foyer or in a living room. Paintings, color and accessories all attribute to an interesting destination point. When your guests enter your home, make sure to wow them!


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